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You can purchase your promo pack on line through Zenfolio. Click on the Purchase Promo Thumbnail. Fees include Taxes and Shipping. You will still receive your DVD's and printed copies via the U.S. Postal Service.
ORDER FORM FOR YOUR PROMOTIONAL PACKAGEJohn Bowman Sheriff poster flattenedBrad Ellis Poster with Shadow and TextBrad Ellis Running PosterBrad Ellis Edited with Text and BgrdDougie Almeida Dougie Ring one B&W with TextDougie Almeida Dougie Ring oneDougie Almeida Dougie Ring one B&WPhil Gordon ResumePHIL GORDON Cover Sheet greyPhil Gordon Brick PosterPhil Gordon background with textPhil GordonPhil Gordon Head tiltted background with text B&W selectPhil Gordon 41 with text B&WPhil Gordon two thumbs up black background with textPhil Gordon two thumbs up black backgroundPhil Gordon 15 with grey background and text B&WPhil Gordon 15 with grey background and textPhil Gordon B&W with Text

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